We are a passionate group of strategists, designers, developers, and marketers. And we continuously seek Internet business opportunities.


A humble beginning

Pixel IQ was founded in early 2006. The mission was simple and similar to many other agency start-ups; help businesses achieve online success through our design and development experience. And with all stories, what makes this agency unique is our team. Not to mention all the hard work, motivation, and enthusiasm to make a difference in the world that combines business and technology. The future is bright and we are blessed for all the business relationships we have established since 2006.


An interactive agency in transition

Soon after Pixel IQ was born, we realized that a sustainable business model is only as good as the foundational infrastructure that supports it. Although we had created and developed various successful projects, we had no formal process. Add the fact, that we were sustaining services across various platforms, technologies and programming languages in custom environments (way too much for us to maintain effectively). We were a small group, leveraging many different skills and talents, with limited resources... typical start-up right? It was just the right time to get smarter.


Mastery vs. Jack of all trades

We began searching for a better way to build and manage successful online projects for our customers. The most important aspects we searched for were how to save time, reduce costs, less complexity, flexible framework, and artistic freedom for branding. All this within a platform that could be managed by the end customer.

Once we compiled the list of the best solutions on the market, we fell in love with one particular system called Business Catalyst. At the time it was a smaller software business operating out of Australia. Their vision and philosophy matched up to many of the business initiatives we cared about. Shortly after some review by our team, we signed up and began testing the system to see what it could produce.

After a handful of successful projects, we did everything we could to become experts because we had a vision for a new way to operate our business. All of our experience from custom agency work and fortune 500 corporate projects was adapted to our new platform of choice. As soon as we mastered the product, we changed our tagline to “BC Experts.” The rest is history. No more Jack of all trades.

Simple Flame

SimpleFlame, a new breed of BC agency was born

SimpleFlame, an interactive agency owned by Pixel IQ was born. We started out as a small division working on Business Catalyst projects, and then quickly grew to become a self-sustainable business. SimpleFlame’s focus is assisting direct business owners and other Business Catalyst Partners. A lot has changed with Business Catalyst after it was purchased by Adobe on August 29th, 2009. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has gained stability, flexibility, and features over time. We work closely with the Adobe Business Catalyst team and have appreciated the transition they have made. We know it will lead to a lot of success.


Tribe Vita

TribeVita, Ready-to-Go Business Catalyst Frameworks

SimpleFlame tends to take on larger custom projects and consulting gigs. We understand the simple fact that custom work is expensive. But rather than not assist with lower budget opportunities, SimpleFlame’s team wanted to give the best of everything to everyone in the Adobe Business Catalyst Community. TribeVita, in our mind, represents a new business model. We don’t like to think of ourselves as just another template company, because we’re not. We build online business frameworks with the same level of design, development, and manageability standards as our teams do in SimpleFlame. Purchasing a TribeVita framework buys you time, saves you money on projects, and provides a systematic approach to selling web design work. Traditional planning, design, and build process is no longer needed for all projects.



Kiyuco, where BC Experts share their insights

As soon as SimpleFlame started having some initial success, we became very active in the Business Catalyst Community. Immediately, many interactions with other Business Catalyst partners began to flourish. Our experience in design and development allowed us to push the platform to new heights and we learned some tricks along the way. We understood the value to sharing our practical and technical know-how, and wanted to build a simple online membership subscription to deliver content. In October of 2010, Kiyuco [kah-yu-co] was launched to educate the Adobe Business Catalyst Community in a practical and convenient way.